Farming Magazine - September, 2012


Product Focus: Firewood Processors & Accessories

Built-Rite Mfg. Corp.

Built-Rite's 18 SCP firewood processor is ideal for the start-up operation or farm firewood producer. It is equipped with a log loader that can be used as a log deck when placed in an upright position. The 18 SCP is powered by a U.S.-made 30 hp Kohler engine.


Blockbuster, Inc.

Blockbuster offers eight different firewood processor models with a variety of specifications, including portable, stationary, diesel, gas, electric, right or left-hand operation and more. Machines can also be customized to meet operator needs, including disability customization. Also available are elevators, cut-to-length machines and log maximizers.


Country Home Products

Instead of hydraulics, the DR RapidFire Log Splitter employs the Pulse Power System, consisting of twin 74-pound flywheels, and a commercial-grade rack and pinion system. With its 6 hp engine, it provides force that equates to over 28 hp. Other features include auto retraction of the ram, 18-inch all-terrain knobby tires, stowable handles and more.


CRD Metalworks LLC

The Woodbine Rapido Loco 20 Firewood Processor features a 50-inch Simonds circular blade, a 73 hp Deutz diesel engine, DOT trailer, 24-foot conveyor, 13-inch powered live deck, eight-way wedge and patent-pending push-button splitting system.


DYNA Products

The SC-14 is suitable for operations processing about 1,000 cords of wood per year, and the new SC-12 series is a scaled-down version of the SC-14. Options include a 6-foot integrated conveyor and a log lifter mechanism that eliminates the need for a skid steer or tractor to move logs from ground to deck.


Hakmet Ltd.

The new Palax SK43S firewood processor has a fully hydraulic joystick control system and a crosscut chain saw with 20-inch saw bar that processes up to 17-inch-diameter wood. Wood splitting begins automatically after the wood has been cut into lengths. The machine features a new three-speed cylinder with up to 16 tons of force.


Hud-Son Forest Equipment

The new Wolverine M firewood processor is extremely portable and can be moved with an ATV. Features include a 10 hp engine running a two-stage hydraulic pump; standard two and four-way splitting wedge; and 24-inch-length splitting capacity. It also has a hydraulic winch, and handles logs up to 18 inches in diameter.


Iron & Oak Commercial Products

The Iron & Oak Model BHH4003 commercial log splitter comes standard with hydraulic four-way wedge, lift and auto cycle valve. The 20-ton model is equipped with a 4-inch cylinder and cycles in 8 seconds. The 30-ton model features a 5-inch cylinder and cycles in 13 seconds.


Multitek North America, LLC

The new Multitek 1620 SS Firewood Processor features a 40-inch circular saw and hydraulically adjustable four-way and six-way wedge options for more than 2 cords per hour of processing capability.



Oregon log splitters are available in 28, 22 and 6-ton models with a standard two-way wedge and multiple engine options from Kohler and Honda. A built-in log cradle makes splitting wood quicker, easier and safer. Optional accessories include a log catcher and a four-way wedge.



Tajfun firewood processors cut and split two cords of firewood per hour. Logs can be fed to the processor by either the DM 1511 Hydraulic Lift Table or the all-new trailered RN 3000 Live Deck. The Tajfun RCA 380 will cut logs to 15 inches in diameter; the joystick-controlled RCA 400 Joy will cut logs to 15.5 inches in diameter. Processors are freestanding and self-supporting and require a minimum of 35 PTO hp to run; they produce split logs ranging from 8 to 20 inches in length. Six and eight-way wedges are optional. wood-processors.html


Rainier Hydraulics, Inc.

The Chomper system is a fully automatic firewood processor that feeds the log, cuts to length and splits. The shear system can process crooked, muddy, dirty, rock-embedded tree-length logs at ground level.


Thomas Bandsaw Mills

The Thomas Bandsaw Mills Firewood Processor features a 31 hp Vanguard engine that processes logs up to 16 inches in diameter and 12 feet long. Equipped with an 81X in-feed chain, greasable bearings and easy-access panels, it has a 7-foot power log table with an out-feed conveyor and a four-way wedge with hydraulic chain saw bar that operates with a foot pedal.


Timberwolf Mfg.

The TW-5 Log Splitter delivers 25 tons of splitting force with a 337cc engine and 22 GPM pump. All units are manufactured in the U.S. It includes a four-way wedge standard; six-way wedge also available. Maximum log length is 24 inches.


TM Mfg.

TM Pro series splitters are designed with a viewing window and large two-stage splitting wedge. Units are available in three models: 30 and 36-inch with a 5-inch cylinder and the 24-inch with a 4-inch cylinder.


Wood Beaver Forestry Equipment

The PTO-driven Model 16 cuts material up to 16 inches in diameter and splits wood from 12 to 24-inch lengths. Cuts 1 to 2 full cords per hour (128 cubic feet). Other features include Super Splitter cycle time of 4.5 seconds, available Honda GX-630 630cc engine and clean out grate.