Farming Magazine - June, 2010


New York Maple News: 2010 New York State Maple Tour

Houghton, N.Y., June 6-8

The 2010 New York State Maple Tour will be hosted by Houghton College in the scenic hills of Allegany County. The tour will begin with registration at 3 p.m., trade show opening at 3:30 p.m. and tour social from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, June 6. On Monday, June 7, breakfast will be served in the Campus Center from 6:30 to 8 a.m., and then participants will be loading the busses to tour sugarhouses, the Cheese Museum and the Cuba Cheese Shoppe. The annual Maple Tour Banquet will be held at Houghton College on Monday evening. Tuesday, June 8, the tour will visit sugarhouses and sugar bushes in the Arkport and Canaseraga area. Demonstrations at various sites will include research with various maple spouts, maple value-added, wood splitting, portable sawmill and display of antique farm tractors. Specifics on the sugarhouses, registration information and housing options will be available soon. Watch for it at and

Campbell’s Sugarhouse

Kim Campbell’s maple operation is located in Cuba, N.Y. The business is run by Kim and Sharon Campbell, along with son Chad and his family. Kim took over the business in 1972 on a site where maple syrup has been made since 1823 as illustrated by the presence of a huge old kettle. A brand-new sugarhouse was constructed before the 2009 season. They tap about 900, all on vacuum and tubing with a dry line system installed all new for the 2009 season. To get the sap to the sugar house, 2,500 feet of the mainline is underground. Syrup is boiled on a wood-fired 4-by-14-foot Leader Max evaporator. Syrup is sold from the home as well as wholesaled through stores. The Campbells are open for maple weekend and find it to be a successful marketing outlet.

Bob’s Sugar Shack

Bob’s Sugar Shack is located in Fillmore, N.Y., and is run by Bob and Becky Beil along with son Bill and his family. They are next to the Allegany River and just 10 miles south of Letchworth State Park, the grand cannon of the east. They tap 1,100 taps with 300 buckets (800 on tubing and 300 on vacuum). Sap is gathered with a variety of equipment, including a four-wheel drive New Holland Tractor, a John Deere Dozer and a four-wheel drive pickup truck. Sap is boiled on a 3-by-10-foot Dominion and Grimm Champion oil-fired evaporator with a preheater. Syrup is sold on-site, as well as wholesaled through a variety of outlets. The farm store is a unique combination of maple products, gifts and crafts, and the Beils also manage the western New York Dominion and Grimm warehouse in Fillmore.

Haag’s Maple

Haag’s Maple is located in Houghton, N.Y., and is owned and operated by Ed and Christine Haag They have been in business for 23 years and have 475 taps, mostly on tubing. Boiling is done with wood on a 2-by-8-foot evaporator with preheater. The wood structure sugarhouse is a great attraction in a picturesque setting. Products sold include maple syrup and maple cream. Products are sold retail at the sugarhouse and through Houghton College and the Houghton Inn.

Baldwin Hill Farms, LLC

Baldwin Hill Farms is located in Rushford, N.Y. It is owned and operated by Paul and Bonnie Yox with help from their son Brandon. They have been in operation for eight years. Currently, there are 800 taps all on tubing and vacuum and all come directly to the sugarhouse. Boiling is accomplished with an oil-fired 3-by-8 evaporator with preheater. Syrup is processed in a filter press and stored in 5-gallon containers. The sugar house is a wood-frame steel building. This site features a certified kitchen and offers a long list of value-added products including cream, sugar, molded sugar, dressings, BBQ sauces, vinegar, coated nuts, coated popcorn, maple cotton, maple iced tea, dips, spreads, meat seasonings, pancake mixes and coffee nuggets. There is also a great display of game mounts.

Cuba Cheese Museum and Shoppe

The Cuba Cheese Museum is located in Cuba, N.Y. The main objectives of the museum are to:

1. Acquaint people with the flow of change in local agriculture from the first settlement to the present, and with the technology that has brought about these changes. Also, to understand how these changes have affected the lives of those influenced by the rural economy.

2. Acquaint visitors with the history of the cheese industry in western New York, and some of the technological advances associated with this process.

3. Preserve and exhibit artifacts and graphics associated with the early industry.

For over 100 years, award-winning Cuba Cheese was only offered to the commercial food industry and to a few mail-order customers. The Cuba Cheese Shoppe was created as a retail cheese outlet for the general public in July of 1976. The Shoppe has been shipping award-winning White New York State Cheddar Cheese, cheese spreaders and cheese boards, and specialty gourmet gift items to connoisseurs across the nation for over 25 years.

Lunch will be served at the D&G Warehouse in Fillmore. On Monday evening, a reception and trade show will be start at 6 p.m., followed by the 2010 Maple Tour Banquet held at the Houghton College Campus Center at 7 p.m.

On Tuesday, June 8, breakfast will be served from 6:30 to 8 a.m. in the Campus Center, then tour busses will be loaded to visit these sites:

Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn, LLC

Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn, LLC is located in Angelica, N.Y. The family first began making syrup in the 1850s, with the current owner, Virginia Cartwright, sugaring for the last 48 years. Many family members participate in the business. The Maple Tree Inn began serving its first pancakes and maple syrup in 1963, and the restaurant has been remodeled and expanded many times, originally seating just 15 people. The family taps about 10,000 each year, with about 1,000 buckets and the rest on tubing and vacuum. Sap is filtered and run through UV and an RO. The 5-by-14-foot evaporator with preheater is fired by wood. Maple syrup, maple cream, sugar, coated nuts and pancakes are the primary products retailed. Despite its somewhat out of the way location, they have managed to attract people from around the world each spring. Customers come from as far away as Germany and Japan, and as close as across the road.

Harvey’s Maple Spout

Harvey’s Maple Spout is located in Canaseraga, N.Y., and owned by Dean and Pam Harvey with help from their daughters. They have been maple producers for 13 years. Currently, there are 1,000 taps all on a liquid-ring vacuum system and all run directly to the sugar house. Sap is filtered using both sand and DE filters, and is run through an RO and boiled on a 3-by-10-foot wood-fired evaporator with a preheater. Syrup is filtered through a filter press and stored in stainless beer kegs. Syrup is sold retail along with maple cream and molded maple sugar. In 2010, they installed equipment to research the effectiveness of tap sanitation practices in this sugar bush. Results will be discussed on the tour. A number of sweet trees have been planted around the farm buildings.

Mann’s Sugarhouse

Mann’s Sugarhouse is located in Nunda, N.Y., and is run by Chuck Mann. Mann operates several hundred taps on tubing with part of the taps coming directly to the sugar house. Sap is stored in a bulk milk tank set up for ready indoor access without the tank using up sugarhouse space. A wood-fired stainless evaporator is used for boiling in a uniquely structured sugarhouse. This site will be used for a discussion session on sugar bush thinning and maple tubing systems.

Hager Maple Products

Hager Maple Products is located in Arkport, N.Y., and is run by Tom and Janet Hager with help from their son Brad and friend Rich. Making maple has been in the family since 1818. Tom started his own syrup operation in 1958 while still in high school. They process sap from 2,780 taps, 1,530 buckets and 1,250 on tubing with 500 of these on vacuum. Sap is boiled on two wood-fired evaporators in series, a 5-by-14 with a steam-away followed by a 4-by-12, both are drop flue. Syrup is finished directly for the evaporators using an automatic draw off. Syrup is sold from the house and at a local grocery store with about 200 gallons being retailed and the rest sold bulk. The sugar house is post and beam constructed from wood harvested and sawn on the farm. This site also includes a variety of antique tractors and maple memorabilia, and demonstrations with a WoodMizer Sawmill and Timberwolf wood splitter.

Lunch will be served at the Arkport Village Park, and busses will return to the Houghton College Campus Center a little after 3 p.m. College housing is available. For registration and college housing information, go to or, or to have a form faxed or sent to you, call Steve Childs at 607-255-1658.