Farming Magazine - June, 2010


Dairy Equipment & Products

A&A E-Z Brush & Oiler

The E-Z Cattlebrush & Oiler controls lice, flies and more. Oil flows by gravity into three oil stems. Nylon brushes. Uses any liquid insecticide.

Advanced Comfort Tech.

Dual Chamber cow waterbeds eliminate skin abrasions and hock swelling and keep teat ends dry. Life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

Agri-Pro Enterprises of Iowa, Inc.

The APE Band-A-Sleeve is a poly sleeve with elastic ends available in two thicknesses: Blue is 1 mil and 35 inches long; Clear is 1.25 mil and 35 inches long.


The PAL-1 Digital Pocket hand-held refractometer has automatic temperature compensation for samples up to 167 degrees and a 0 to 53 percent Brix range.

Big Ass Fans

The Powerfoil X with NitroSeal Drive uses an aerodynamic airfoil and winglet combination in sizes from 8 to 24 feet in diameter.

Central Connecticut Cooperative

New England supplier of dairy feeds, custom feed mixes and expert nutritionists for on-site determinations of which blend is appropriate for your herd.

The Coburn Co., Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of livestock supplies and milking equipment for cows, goats and sheep, including Maes Inflations, portable milkers and more.

Davon Sales

Suppliers of a wide range of products for livestock handling, including building materials, feeding equipment, animal care supplies and much more.

D.L. George & Sons Mfg.

The Space Saver Parallel has a narrow cow platform and is designed for limited space. Retrofit to existing herringbone or other parlors.

Dr. Register & Associates

New Jumpstart Liquid Gel, a calcium chloride liquid gel formulation, for calcium deficiencies in dairy cattle results in no throat-burn.


ClearSpan Tall Boy Moo-Tel frames are manufactured from 14-gauge structural steel tubing and covers are made from 12.5-ounce, 24-mil, white, UV-resistant polyethylene.

FIL Agritech, LLC

Feeder bottles have an air vent in the cap, as well as a pull vent in the bottom. Full line includes the Peach Teat brand nipples.

Grandview Concrete

Specializing in concrete, diamond-cut pattern safety grooving for cow comfort on new and existing concrete floors to provide maximum traction.

J&D Mfg.

Complete source for all ventilation and cow comfort products, including recirculation and exhaust fans, curtain systems, evaporative pad cooling and more.

JoJo’s Elixer

JoJo’s Elixir Garlic Tincture for treatment of mastitis, endometritis-uterine infections, foot rot, calf scours and more.

Keystone Concrete

Keystone Concrete is a manufacturer of precast concrete, hot and cattle waffle slats, bunker silo, H-J bunks, posts and beams and box culverts.

Munks Mfg.

The Livestock Sling from Munks Mfg. aids in getting an animal to its feet; regaining proper circulation, eating and drinking habits; and restoring normal bodily functions.

Paul Mueller Co.

The HiPerForm II features flexible front panel programming, a chemical dispensing box and remote-start cooling and wash for robotic milking systems.

Polycorp Ltd.

Tirf .75-inch dairy mats are designed for parlors, alleyways and crossovers constructed of reinforced natural rubber. Available in rolls 3 or 4 feet wide by 100 feet long.

Sani-Sure Systems

Sani-Sure Systems offers a full line of cloth towels designed for the dairy industry and are sold in bulk quantities.

Synergy Animal Products

Synergy Animal Products offers its Superior Cow Cream, which is oil-based remains moist and won’t evaporate.

Vermont DHIA

Vermont DHIA provides testing and record-keeping services for producers with dairy cows, goats, sheep and even water buffalo.

Vernon Agri Service

Vernon Agri Service has been a Northeast distributor of animal health products for over 36 years.

Zimmerman Cattle Control Equipment

Zimmerman Hoof Care Chutes feature anti-skid rubber flooring and front and back belly straps for animal stability.

Z Tags North America, L.P.

Fool-proof, one-piece tags won’t snag, pull out or break off and feature versatile laser printing for no-fade numbers and self-piercing tag tops.