Farming Magazine - May, 2010


Northeast Livestock Expo 2010

May 21-23, Windsor, Maine

The Maine Beef Producers, The Maine Sheep Breeders Association and the Boer Goat Breeders of Maine have again joined together to present the annual Northeast Livestock Expo on the Windsor Fairgrounds May 21-23. The livestock expo draws those involved with beef cattle, sheep, Boer goats, rabbits and more.

This year’s youth shows and events will include a poster contest, youth cook-off, sales and marketing context, borrowed showmanship, judging contest, knowledge bowl, fitting context and mentor program.

Other features of the expo include a commercial trade show, feeder calf sale and Path of Distinction livestock showcase.

For more information and registration forms, visit

What’s new at the 2010 expo?

Commercial trade show tent
The commercial trade show will now include an inside exhibit area, situated in the heart of the outside activities. This new area will consist of a large tent with side enclosures to accommodate any weather conditions.

Adopt-A-Highway program
One of the goals of NELE is to bring awareness of all aspects of livestock to the general public, to help get the word out we have implemented this promotional tool designed to enhance awareness of the Northeast Livestock Expo to potential visitors; the Adopt-A-Highway program will provide visitors with printed brochures displaying the daily schedule and a map of the grounds. We have nine highways, with names like Boer Goat Boulevard, Shepherd’s Corner, Information Highway and The Beef-By-Way, so visitors will be sure to find what they are looking for. Keep watch for our brochures, coming soon to a location near you!

Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs meeting
Please join us in welcoming the members of the Maine AAF Board and member’s of the Maine Agricultural Fairs to the Northeast Livestock Expo. The MAAF has shown an interest in hosting their monthly meeting during the expo.

Maine Wool Pool Moves to NELE for 2010
On Saturday, MSBA will hold the Annual Wool Pool. There will be on-going demonstrations of wool skirting, sorting and bagging to prepare the wool for sale to Wool Pool. See more information on the Wool Pool at

The MSBA Wool Pool has been an annual event for decades, where sheep producers from all over Maine gather to “pool” their wool together; the MSBA Wool Pool then sells the wool under contact to a single buyer.

Contact Kelly Corbett at 207-442-7298 or e-mail

Boer Goats and IBGA
In 2010, the Boer Goat Breeders of Maine will be hosting an International Boer Goat Association Sanctioned show.

Sheep Shearing and Trimming available for MSBA Members.
Friday, May 21, from 3-7 p.m., MSBA will be offering sheep shearing for MSBA members who wish to transport their sheep to the Windsor fairgrounds.

The cost is $5 per sheep for shearing and $3 per sheep for hoof trimming. Prepaid registration is required for members to receive a time slot. No one will be accommodated without registering in advance and there will be a $20 late fee if you can’t make your appointed time.

Contact Mary Burr at 207-587-4068 or e-mail to register.

Border collie
John Simmons will be at NELE on Saturday, May 22 for a herding demonstration with his border collie, Gwen. She is a 1.5-year-old working dog. They come from Stoneheart Farm in western Maine and have a flock of 65 Katahdin sheep. She is used daily and is an integral part of the farm. The demo will showcase the border collie’s special abilities herding sheep and educate the viewers on how a herding dog works.

DV Auctions Online Bidding
This year, NELE will be featuring broadcasting real-time Internet bidding through DV Auction. Information and instructions for preregistering is available at