Farming Magazine - June, 2009


Green Products & Resources


The Film Compactor, part of the NutriWrap System, compresses used film into square bales for simpler, faster recycling.

DC Energy Innovations

DC Energy Innovations has received factory training on the installation and servicing of Bergey wind energy systems. Complete turnkey installation and on-site service available.

EcoDrum Composter

Year-round composting systems designed for any sized operation. Compost manure, food waste, slaughterhouse waste, mortalities and other organic matter.

Environmental Credit Corp.

ECC creates environmental assets from greenhouse gas reduction projects. Providing capital, project development, expert carbon services and environmental asset management.

Highfields Composting Center

Highfields Composting provides a range of technical services for on-farm composting and comprehensive food waste recycling programs, which include action-based environmental education.

Kingsway Mfg.

Kingsway Mfg. offers a wide range of large compost tumblers in many sizes from 250 to 20,000 gallons.

RCM International LLC

RCM International designs and builds a complete range of methane digester systems and supplies specialty equipment employing proprietary technology.

Travelers, Agribusiness Division

Travelers Green Dwelling Coverage Enhancement grants expanded limits to repair or replace an insured dwelling after a covered loss with alternative products.

Vermont Compost Co.

Manure compost and Compost Pus with organic and mineral amendments. Fort Vee, Fort Light and Perennial/Large Container mix potting soils.