Farming Magazine - February, 2009


Join the Discussion!

The debut of

We’re excited to announce, your new online community. Just like Farming, it’s free! We invite you to join in the discussions that interest you and can help your business grow.

Do you have a question or comment about a story or column from a recent issue? Visit and post it there. Suggestions for story ideas, topics you’d like to hear more about and ideas for columns are all welcome.

It’s not just about the magazine, though. This is your community to talk with pros and peers about whatever interests you. When you’re wondering which new tractor to buy, who’s had good luck with a particular control product or where to find the best hay, swing by and ask the members. We hope you’ll come back often to help your friends and neighbors with questions they might have, too. We want to be your first stop for answers and discussions on what matters to you in agriculture. There are sections for nearly every topic in agriculture, and as the community grows, we’ll add new topic areas that are important to you.

We also have sections just for education and extension, where we farmers and future farmers can make connections with extension professionals or ask questions about workshops and seminars.

We also want you to have fun and enjoy your time there, too. The community feel is important to us, so stop in, introduce yourself and enjoy your time. Feel free to share pictures of your new projects, your new gear or you and your family or crew.

Some of you may be familiar with our other online community,, the Internet’s largest and most successful community for green industry professionals, now with over 80,000 registered members. Our goal is to bring the same energy and sense of community to the agricultural world as we have to the green industry.

So, how do you do it? It’s easy!

Visit, click the “SIGN UP” link in the upper right hand corner in the User Name box, follow the simple instructions, and in no time, you’ll be meeting and greeting other great people. Your first stop? Click on the “Introduce Yourself” section to say “hello”; simply click “New Thread,” tell us about you and your farm or business and meet everyone. Don’t forget, there is no charge to join! If you have any problems with the site, how to post or anything at all, we’re always there to help.

See you at!