Farming Magazine - February, 2009


New Products

The Vineyard Special

Earth & Turf Products’ Model 320 Vineyard Special topdresser spreader has a slimmed-down frame and axle assembly for working in vineyards, orchards and row crops with narrow rows. It measures 45 inches at its widest point and will carry up to 2 cubic yards of material, with a maximum load weight of 3,000 pounds. This unit also features a specially designed side-to-side spread beater that distributes material only to the left and right as the unit is pulled between rows. Maximum spread width is 72 inches. An optional beater attachment assures an even spread of material across the rows. The beater and apron belt are driven by tractor hydraulics for maximum spreading flexibility.

Shave with your PTO

Salsco has added two models to its line of shaving mills. The 20 and 30-inch mills are now available as PTO driven. The 20-inch unit requires a minimum of 50 hp at the PTO, and the 30-inch unit requires a minimum of 80 hp at the PTO. Both are available with or without a blower system. You can also choose whether you want the mill to be stationary or portable.

Weaverline Carts

Weaverline Series 5 carts feature a stainless-steel conveyor system. Other major improvements include an extended front panel for easier feeding, larger trough with hi-lift discharge door, improved battery drawer with more clearance and sectional false bottom with built-in floor supports.

All-Terrain Plow Mounts

Agri-Cover, Inc. has released three new front mounts for its Snowsport All-Terrain Plow. The following ATV models are now compatible with the plow: 2008 Arctic Cat 1000 Thundercat, 2008-09 Honda Rancher 420 and 2009 Polaris Sportsman XP 550 and 850. The plow blade is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, hardened, anodized aluminum and is equipped with a 1-inch-thick rubber cutting edge designed to aggressively plow hard, compacted snow. The system does not require any wiring, lever controls or winch to operate.

The Gorilla Grapple

Sidney Manufacturing’s Gorilla grapple is designed to fit most skid steers. Manufactured from high-tensile, 1-inch-thick steel with 400 BHN tips, the grapple can handle large trees, brush, hay bales and even crush concrete slabs.

This heavy-duty grapple weighs over 900 pounds and is available in six and 10-tine configurations.

New Blades Cut Through the Cold

Bobcat Co. has introduced a line of heavy-duty snow blades approved for use on the company’s S130 to S330 skid steer loaders, T140 to T320 compact track loaders, V417 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier, A300 all-wheel steer loader and Toolcat utility work machines. The snow blades are available in 86, 96 and 108-inch models. Each one angles 30 degrees to the left and right via a fingertip control in the cab. The blades also feature a torsion spring trip edge and a box-style mainframe. Optional features include rubber or polyurethane cutting edges and end-wing kits. End-wing kits allow the snow blade to also be used as a snow pusher.


GPS Precision

Valley Irrigation’s line of GPS Ready irrigation control panels are designed to help manage precision application of water and fertilizers. Instead of applying the same amount of water, fertilizer and other inputs to an entire field, producers can program the panel to apply different levels of inputs within the same field, based on data the GPS receiver collects and feeds to the control panel. These panels perform all of the necessary GPS-position calculations right in the control panel, eliminating the need for external computers on the machine. They are also compatible with different types of GPS receivers, including WAAS-enabled receivers. The GPS Ready PRO2 Pivot Control Panel and GPS Ready AutoPilot Linear Control Panel are currently available. The GPS Ready Select2 Pivot Control Panel will be available later this year.

Combine Power

Gleaner has introduced five new combines. R6 Series innovations include a cascade pan designed to improve performance in high-moisture corn and milo and optional electronic chaffer and sieve adjustments to maximize crop quality and minimize adjustment time. The Direct Flow system averages 4 bushels per second unloading. The R66 has a 300-bushel bin and the R76 has a 330-bushel bin. A6 Series combines feature the Controlled Feeding and Threshing System with a 360-degree rotor intake. The A66 and A76 are standard with 300-bushel bins that can unload in 75 seconds; the 350-bushel bin standard on the A86 (optional on the A76) can be unloaded in 88 seconds. AGCO 84CTA Tier III engines deliver 300 hp in the R66 and A66 and 350 hp in the R76 and A76. The A86 uses a C13 engine that delivers 425 hp with a bulge to 459 hp.

The Chipper Bandit

Bandit Industries has introduced their latest creation, the Model 1490XP drum chipper. With a 17.75-by-19.5-inch chipper opening, it can accommodate up to 15-inch diameter material. Engine options are available up to 142 hp. The large diameter drum allows a majority of the material to be chipped on the bottom half of the drum and on an angle with the grain of the wood, reducing vibration and fuel consumption.


Help for the Little Ones

AgriLabs’ Colostrx 130 colostrum replacer is a complete replacement option for maternal colostrum. It contains a full 130 grams of globulin protein protection in every dose. When mixed in 2 quarts of warm water, only one feeding is required. Individual, foil-wrapped packets are designed to make feeding simple and convenient. For best results, administer with a nipple pail, bottle or esophageal feeder within 24 hours after birth and then follow a normal feeding program.