Farming Magazine - December, 2007


Skid Steers and Attachments


ASV, Inc.

SR-80 Posi-Track
• Horsepower: 78 hp
• Capacity: 3,100 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 6,200 lbs.
• Feature: Turbocharged, diesel engine


• Horsepower: 33.5 hp
• Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 2,039 lbs.
• Feature: 50 inches wide

Case Construction

400 Series
• Horsepower: 49-82 hp
• Capacity: 1,500-3,000 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 3,000-6,000 lbs.
• Feature: Radial/vertical lift models


• Horsepower: 73-90 hp
• Capacity: 2,150-3,250 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 4,300-6,500 lbs.
• Feature: Sealed, pressurized cab


400 Series
• Horsepower: 45-75 hp
• Capacity: 1,505-2,500 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 3,009-5,000 lbs.
• Feature: Hydraulic joystick controls

Gehl Co.

• Horsepower: 99 hp
• Capacity: 3,850 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 7,700 lbs.
• Feature: 12-foot lift height


160/170 Robot
• Horsepower: 47-50 hp
• Capacity: 1,323-1,543 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 2,646-3,086 lbs.
• Feature: Three machine control format options.


• Horsepower: 49.5 hp
• Capacity: 1,650 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 3,300 lbs.
• Feature: Dual lever/hand control options

New Holland

Super Boom Series
• Horsepower: 38-80 hp
• Capacity: 4,400-7,755 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 1,350-2,800 lbs.
• Feature: Deluxe cab design

Supertrak, Inc.

SK 140 STR
• Horsepower: 140 hp
• Capacity: N/A
• Tipping Load: 7,600 lbs.
• Feature: Custom mulching unit


• Horsepower: 52 hp
• Capacity: 1,246 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 3,549 lbs.
• Feature: Track undercarriage

Thomas Equipment

Model 85 to 255
• Horsepower: 19.8-87.4 hp
• Capacity: 850-2,500 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 1,800-5,000 lbs.
• Feature: Low cab sound levels

Volvo Const. Equip.

• Horsepower: 45.3-80.5 hp
• Capacity: 1,400-2,400 lbs.
• Tipping Load: 2,878-4,804 lbs.
• Feature: Universal quick-attach



Stump grinder attachments have 34 teeth on a 24-inch cutter. Featuring an off-set rotor design for greater visibility and needle vale for swing control.

Brush Wolf

The rotary brush cutter model 4800 has a cutting capacity of 2 inches and features nylon hose sleeves, flat face couplings and a bar blade carrier type.

Buhler Mfg.

Buhler commercial snowblowers are hydraulically powered and feature a four-blade fan. Available in six sizes, from 60 to 84 inches.


SC stump grinders have an offset design to improve visibility and divert debris away from operator. Choose from high or standard flow.


The Postmaster drives wood or steel posts up to 14 feet long and 3 to 8 inches in diameter. Sixty posts per hour. Grapple option available.

Earth & Turf

Home Plate is a metal plate that is welded to buckets and attachments to make them compatible with universal quick-attaches of skid steer loaders.


The Bale Squeeze clamps loads from 28 to 80 inches wide and can handle 1,000-pound silage bags with a maximum load capacity of 2,400 pounds.


The 1300 dozer blade measures 24 inches high. The F-Series bar track provides traction and flotation with 2-inch wide bars.


HLA snowblades are available in 6 to 9-foot widths with a 30-inch high moldboard, replaceable cutting edge and adjustable skid shoes.

Land Pride

The SC26 rotary cutter has a 60-inch cutting width and a 1.5 to 18-inch cutting height. High, medium or low volume motors to choose from.

Layton & Rose

The Rockaway picks rocks and levels loose soil with one rotor and carbide-tipped mining teeth. For 60 to 83.5-inch wide skid steer buckets.

Loftness Attachments

Offering 13 standard-flow snow blowers that require 11 to 20 GPM. Fourteen high-flow models are available for flows from 21 to 60 GPM.

Marshall Tree Saw

The Marshall Tree Saw features a non-spinning blade and can replace shears, grinders and grapples. Fits most skid steer loaders.


Clamp-on bucket forks come in five weight capacity categories, from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds. For a variety of bucket sizes. Powder-coat finish.


The Multitek Mark II features a 9,000-pound winch, 360-degree rotating log grapple and a heavy-duty pushbar.

Northeast Implement Corp.

Grapples with 36 to 60-inch openings, chippers that take up to 6.25-inch round wood, and skidding winches with 7,700 or 11,000 pounds of pulling capacity.

Precision Farm Machinery

The Series 570 tine bucket is designed for digging large field rocks, concrete and rubble. Features 1.5-inch steel tines with 2.5-inch spacing.

Precision Mfg.

The HyReach Clipper cuts 8 to 11-inch diameter wood in a single cut. For ground-level cutting or hard-to-reach limbs.

RAD Technologies

H64 and H76 snowblowers have 64 and 76-inch cutting widths, respectively, and 26-inch cutting heights. Adjustable skid shoes standard.

Road Boss

The Road Boss grader fills potholes and maintains gravel roads by churning and sifting material, and creating uniform layers of fine or coarse aggregates.


The StumpBuster eliminates stumps and can cut a 45-inch wide swath through hard or softwood in one pass. Control with loader’s hydraulics.


The 28VSKD V-Plow’s are 28 inches high and 92 or 100 inches wide angled. Featuring interchangeable poly, steel and stainless steel blade skins.

Star Hill Jawz

The Jawz Grabbing Tool removes shrubs, trees, brush, fence posts and boulders. Universal or JD-style quick-attach back-plates.

Woods Equipment Co.

Alitec buckets are offered in five profiles to match material handling needs, from tough digging conditions to light-weight material handling.