Farming Magazine - May, 2008


Letters to the Editor


My must-read article in each issue of Farming is Opinion by Martin Harris.

Harris puts together information from a wide base of reading on political economics today—from governmental and census to Wall Street Journal to economists and politicians, old and new.

With the sad state of agriculture in our nation these days, farmers and farm editors alike should be tearing their hair [out] about what to feature, what to promote, what to advertise, what to talk about. Harris is a great addition to your magazine, and you should work on expanding the colloquy that he is forwarding.

Good luck, and keep Harris writing!
Wayne Burkhart
Via e-mail

Dear Mr. Montgomery:

Just a short note to express my appreciation to you and Farming magazine for the excellent article in your April issue entitled “Lessons From a Master Livestock Dealer, “ written by Judith Powell. It was well-written, extremely accurate and presented in an interesting form so the important message could be understood by both the small and the larger livestock producers.

I hope you’ll convey my congratulations to Judith Powell for a job well done. I don’t usually send letters to the editor, but when I read the article I thought I had to write and let you know you had a timely topic and a well-presented article.

Dr. Bob Herr
Nix Besser Farm
Via e-mail

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