Farming Magazine - May, 2008


Haymaking Products II: Balers, Wagons, Wrappers and Accessories


AGCO Corp.

The Hesston 7400 Series includes Model 7444 for 4-by-4-foot bales, Model 7434 for 3-by-4-foot bales and Model 7430 for 3-by-3-foot bales.

Buhler Industries

Round baler Model 6060 makes 5-foot-diameter, 5-foot-long bales. Model 6072 makes 5-foot-diameter, 6-foot-long bales. Fixed chamber design.


The Comprima F 125 produces 1.25-meter diameter round bales and features the high-density NovoGrip system. Optional X-Cut rotor cutter available.

Kverneland Group USA, Inc.

Kverneland offers the BIO, a unit that bales and wraps in one operation.


The R 500 mini round baler produces 22-by-25-inch bales and has a minimum power requirement of 15 hp. Total unit weight is 1,013 pounds.


The RV 2160 and 2190 BalePacks bale and wrap. The 2160’s bales can range from .8 to 1.6 meters in diameter, the 2190 from .8 to 1.85 meters.


Agway Mfg.

The LP80 and LP140 are round bale carriers with 10,000 and 20,000-pound load capacities respectively. Low-profile design and short turning radius.

Circle C Equipment

The Eagle 1200 Pull-Type Stacker has a loading grapple and bale trap that allows you to approach and secure the bale from any angle.

Dodge Lane Farm

The 8-by-18-foot bale wagon has 8-ton gear, adjustable tongue, steel sides and an oak floor. All-steel construction option and other sizes available.


Wagons are fully adjustable to accommodate any size bale. Features steel bed frame, removable sides, formed steel rails and 27-foot rear gate swing.


The Bale Basket loads eight bales per minute and pushes bales into a wagon using compressed air from the baler.

Farmco Mfg.

Bale wagons are available with an 8-by-8-foot box that comes in 18 or 22-foot lengths. All-steel frame models with either solid oak or expanded steel floors.

John B.M. Mfg.

The Mighty Bale-Hauler has a 20,000-pound or 14-bale capacity, removable front and rear gates and an adjust-able tongue for hookup.


Bale racks with 1.75-inch, 14-gauge square steel tubing and pressure-treated lumber decking. Four models available with choice of 8 or 9-foot width.


Auto-load bale handlers can turn and load round bales without stopping. Capacities range from 12 to 20 tons GVWR. For 80 to 125 hp tractors.

Thomas Barn Equip.

This 18-by-8-foot hay rack is built on 6-inch channel iron stringers and has 2-inch pipe cross members and 1.5- inch pipe stakes.

Tubeline Mfg.

The Techno-Bale 960 is a double-row model that picks up eight or nine bales. This 10-foot-5-inch-wide wagon requires a minimum of 60 hp.

Whitewater Welding

Dump trailers are angled inside for cleaner dumping and offer 90-degree rotating, high clearance, hydraulic gates and European hoists.



The Silo-Matic Trailed Model 1410 lets the operator transport a bale while wrapping another. Hydraulic lift cylinder handles heavy bales of wet silage.

H&S Mfg.

The Linewrap wraps 4 to 6-foot diameter round bales and up to 6-foot-6-inch long square bales. Automatic mode makes it a one-man operation.

Kelly Ryan

Three bagger models available: a 7-foot bagger, 8 to 10-foot bagger or 12-foot bagger.

Martin Baggers

Baggers are available in 6, 8 and 10-foot models and offer wide conveyor loads from either side and high capacity for forage and grain.


The 991B round bale wrapper is 18 feet long and 7 feet 9 inches wide. Attach with tow bar and control with four- bank valve and monitor.

Tubeline Mfg.

The TL 5500A X2 wraps round and square bales and requires only one person to operate. Measures 25 feet 5 inches long and 9 feet wide.


Anderson Equipment

The Anderson Compactor’s hydraulic pusher compresses the equivalent of one roll of film into two recyclable, 44-pound square bales.

Burrows Enterprises

Roto Tub Grinders handle all types and sizes of baled forage, from dry to wet. Adjust to control the size of grind. Also grinds grain or bedding.

CE Attachments

The bale mover skid steer attachment comes in three models that can lift and move 2,000 to 4,000-pound round, square or wrapped bales.

Covertec Fabrication

The Supreme Hay Tarp for round or square bales features a sleeve-style system, triple-stitched sewn seams and silver on the outside.

Delmhorst Instrument

The FX-2000 can be used for continuous hay moisture monitoring or for spot-checking. Measures moisture content in the range of 8 to 40 percent.

Farm Bag Agri Supply

Silage bale covers, round bale covers, silage and grain bags for storing, bunker covers for silage piles and other plastics for use on the farm.

Hoelscher, Inc.

The Model 1000 bale accumulator operates behind a square baler and groups 10 to 15 bales into a tight, uniform pack for future mechanical handling.