Farming Magazine - May, 2008


New Products

Merge Into One

Kuhn North America has introduced the Merge Maxx 300 Series belt merger that features a variable speed pickup, electro hydraulic controls and an optional conveyor extension. Merge two swaths into one on a single pass, or merge three swaths into one in two passes. The 3,850-pound merger has a 9-foot 6-inch working width and a 15-foot 9-inch conveyor length with extension conveyor. The minimum PTO power requirement is 50 hp.

Easy On the Arms

Efco’s MT3700 chain saw is powered by a 2.2 hp, 35.2cc engine and, with an all-aluminum construction, weighs in at 9 pounds. Features include a digital coil for starting, an ergonomic pull-start handle and anti-vibe mounts. It also has a nickel-plated cylinder and a forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod.

Newborn Calf Supplement

AgriLabs has introduced Colostrx Plus to help address the challenge of passive-transfer failure in newborn calves. Formulated for easy mixing, this colostrum supplement provides 55 grams of globulin protein. It is available in single-dose, 16-ounce foil packets and can be mixed with colostrums, liquid milk replacer or water.

Release Your Corn

Cheminova, Inc.’s NIC-IT is a selective, postemergence herbicide that controls annual and perennial grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds in corn. A sulfonylurea herbicide with the active ingredient nicosulfuron, NIC-IT will control labeled grass weeds that have emerged and can help prevent yield loss due to heavy grass pressure in field corn. It also controls several annual broadleaf weeds including Pennsylvania smartweed, pigweed and annual morningglory. Mix with other corn herbicides registered for postemergence use and broadcast to corn up to 20 inches tall or to corn that is exhibiting up to and including six-leaf collars, whichever is more restrictive. For corn 20 to 36-inches tall, growers should apply NIC-IT with drop nozzles and avoid spraying into the whorl of cornstalks. This herbicide is available in liquid, 2-pound-per-gallon formulation and packaged in both quart and 1-gallon jug package sizes.

A Mustang Pony

The MTL312 is Mustang’s fourth and most compact track loader to hit the market. It has an operating weight of 5,952 pounds and a width of less than 58 inches. For operators in dusty environments or extreme climates, an optional pressurized cab enclosure with air conditioning and heater is available. Additional features include an emergency shutdown system, electric engine monitoring system and tilt-back ROPS/FOPS.

All Mixed Up

Patz Sales, Inc. has added an 810-cubic-foot mixer to its Model 2400 Twin Screw Vertical Mixer series. This new mixer will provide up to 950 cubic feet of mixing capacity when optional side extensions are added. It measures 98 inches high and can be customized to match any farm operation by adding up to six door locations: two side discharges can be added to left and right sides in addition to a rear commodity door and right or left front discharge. Features include a walking tandem with eight wheels for smooth transport over rough terrain.

Compact Cat

Bobcat has introduced a new line of compact tractors. There are five models currently available: the CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230 and CT235. Four additional models will be released throughout 2008. All feature four-wheel drive and hydrostatic transmissions. Engines range from 20 to 34 hp, and weights range from 2,055 to 3,055 pounds. All models can be used with Bobcat implements, including an angle blade, backhoe and box blade.

History and Economics of N.H. Dairy

UNH Cooperative Extension has published a new book, “The History and Economics of the New Hampshire Dairy Industry,” that documents historical and present-day dairy farming in New Hampshire. The fully illustrated book features color photos of today’s industry as well as photos of yesteryears. It also contains the collective expertise of 10 authors including Dr. Peter Erickson, John Porter and Francis Gilman. Chapters account for not only the industry’s history but also milk marketing, wildlife and habitats, and the quality of life and open space. Edited by John Porter, this is an informative book that dairy farmers throughout New England would find of interest.

Mid-sized Options

The Massey Ferguson 5400 Series of mid-range tractors now includes the 110 hp Model 5475 and 115 hp Model 5480. Both tractors have Tier III engines with common rail fuel delivery and electronic engine management. The transmission is a 16F x16R Dyna-4 semi-powershift with clutch-free shifting and three-function shuttle lever. You’re your hydraulics, choose from several available systems: 15 GPM open center system, 26 GPM combined flow system, and 29 GPM closed center load sensing system.

Jump-start Your Fence Posts

Shaver’s new Pilot Auger attachment is for any Shaver HD-10 or HD-12 post driver unit and designed to make driving posts quicker by digging a 4-inch pilot hole. Use the Pilot Auger in areas with clay, gravel or compacted soil where the conditions for driving a post can be difficult.

Under Cover

AGCO Parts Division has developed a field-installed grain bin cover for the 330-bushel bin that comes standard on the Gleaner Models R72 and R75. Engineered with steel support frames and reinforced corners, the cover protects grain from moisture and allows overnight storage with grain in the bin. Mounting hardware is included.