Farming Magazine - July, 2014


Product Focus: Firewood Processors

Anderson Agri-forest Equipment

The Fuelwood Kindlet Pro converts timber offcuts and round logs into kindling from 15 to 29 centimeters long. The X-blade design ensures consistent output., 866-681-0550

Built-Rite Mfg.

The 18 SCP firewood processor is equipped with a log loader that can be used as a log deck when placed in an upright position. Powered by a 30 hp Kohler engine., 800-757-2520

CRD Metalworks

The Woodbine Rapido Loco 20 has a 50-inch Simonds circular blade and 73 hp Deutz diesel engine. The Rapido Loco 60 has a 5-foot Simonds slasher blade., 888-667-8580

Cummings & Bricker

Wallenstein WP wood processors allow one person to process 1.5 cords per hour. Featuring a four-way wedge, adjustable off-load chute and 25 tons of splitting force., 800-222-8969


The 20-ton 2000LS-H splits in both the forward and reverse strokes. It has a seven-second cycle time, Honda GX160 commercial engine and standard log table., 855-428-2239

Iron & Oak

The 26-ton BHVH2613GX accepts logs up to 25 inches long and can operate horizontally or vertically. It has a 7.5-inch carbon steel wedge and 6-inch H-beam., 855-388-9847

J.S. Woodhouse

The Hakki Pilke Easy 38 can process wood up to 15 inches in diameter. An electrically operated splitting control mechanism and hydraulic saw cut smaller wood faster., 413-736-5462


The 1620 SS model features a 40-inch circular saw and hydraulically adjustable four-way and six-way wedge options so it can process more than 2 cords per hour., 800-243-5438


With a tractor that's 55 hp or more and the Tajfun firewood processor, you can cut, split and load over 2 cords of wood per hour., 413-369-4335

TM Mfg.

TM Pro series splitters have a viewing window and two-stage splitting wedge. Three models: 30 and 36-inch with 5-inch cylinder and 24-inch with 4-inch cylinder., 320-286-3077

Timberwolf Mfg.

The TW-PRO MP XL has a three-part hydraulic pump for a 4.5-second cycle time. It is also equipped with an electric auto cycle, hydraulic oil cooler and operator's seat., 800-340-4386

Wood Beaver

The LIL Beaver is a one-operator machine that will efficiently cut and split logs up to 15 inches in diameter and 10 feet long at a rate of more than 1 full cord per hour., 800-569-6813