Farming Magazine - March, 2014


Product Focus: Fencing Equipment & Products

Anderson Agri-forest

Rabaud post drivers/pounders with three-point hitches are available in a variety of models. They offer versatile operation with multiple abilities that allow them to adjust to the terrain, including lateral adjustment. They can drive up to 250 posts per hour. Heads tilt up to 20 degrees., 866-681-0550


Keep your livestock safely contained and protected from predators with an Electro-Web Electric Net System from FarmTek. Composed of electrified horizontal strands and nonelectrified vertical strands, these systems can be installed and broken down in minutes, making them ideal for rotational grazing., 800-327-6835

Kencove Farm Fence Supplies

The Spiralator is a twist-on spiral insulator. It is installed after the wire is tensioned, like a claw or pin-lock insulator. Made of UV-stabilized, medium-density polyethylene, it can be used on new or existing fence. The spiral design allows for easy rolling onto the wire. It is available in 4 and 6-inch lengths, complete with staples., 800-KENCOVE

Northeast Farm & Fence Service

Provides fence repair and fence line maintenance, specializing in high-tensile aluminum electric fence and board fence. High-tensile aluminum wire is easy to use, more conductive and safer for animals. It can be used to enclose horses, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and dogs. The fences keep out deer, bear and coyotes., 603-770-8565

Parker McCrory

For 2014, Parmak has added over 32 new electric fence items, including a full line of insulators for rod posts, steel T-posts and wood posts, a wide selection of step-in posts, and expanded high-tensile fence accessories. The Super Energizer 5, Mark 8 and Fieldmaster 3 chargers have operational ranges of 50, 30 and 15 miles, respectively., 800-662-1038

PostSaver USA

Boots and sleeves protect inground wood from the harmful effects of rot and decay. They provide an impenetrable barrier to subterranean termites and soil organisms. They work well with all types of wood and are easy to install. Posts remain dry for better structural performance., 888-519-5746

Walnut Grove Electric Fence Systems

An electric fence dealer in the seacoast area of New Hampshire, Walnut Grove provides electric fence suitable for everything from buffalo to chickens, from beehives to Christmas tree plantations. From plotting and design to energizers, wire and posts, Walnut Grove offers a complete line of products., 603-659-2044


Wedge-Loc bracing hardware for T-posts allows you to build a corner in 15 minutes or less using T-posts for braces. Accessories are available to hang gates, build small sheds, etc., all using T-posts. No tools required., 800-669-7218

Wellscroft Fence Systems

Offering a complete selection of fencing products, including products for sheep and goats, alpacas, llamas, horses and cattle, as well as anti-bear/beehive and anti-deer fencing. Wellscroft also offers fencing clinics at its farm in Chesham, N.H., 855-327-6336