Farming Magazine - November, 2013


Product Focus: Forestry Harvesting Equipment


The Rottne F15 eight-wheel forwarder is suitable for thinning and final felling. Powered by a six-cylinder, 225 hp Tier 3 engine, it features an improved climate control system. The cab offers good visibility with large windows and a modern instrument line. The ergonomically designed lever panels feature all the functions used most frequently, which means that hauling work can be performed safely and smoothly. The forwarder computer is an option that simplifies reporting and provides accurate follow-up. The forwarder computer consists of a computer and color monitor with touch screen., 724-349-9240

Cummings & Bricker

The Wallenstein FX Skidding Winch allows you to reach the trees you need to cut, even on steep hills or swampland, without the need for large, heavy equipment. It is an excellent attachment for gathering firewood, clearing dead trees and harvesting premium lumber, all while preserving your woodlot. Using a skidding winch transfers the pulling strain onto the ground with the large blade that anchors the winch. The winch comes in three models., 800-252-1552

J.S. Woodhouse

Kesla harvesters have been designed to withstand extreme conditions. Proportional feed control is standard and makes delimbing efficient and fluent, and feeding stops precisely to the desired cutting length. The ProCon and HydCon features, as well as a broad range of other accessories, can be added to further enhance efficiency. Accessories include a range of rotators as well as feed rollers designed for different conditions. The Kesla 16RH harvester head is equipped with four delimbing knives and multi-stem functions. It is designed for integrated harvesting of timber and biomass., 413-736-5462

Northeast Implement

Farmi winches come in four models with pulling force from 6,600 to 13,488 pounds. The Farmi clutch system grips and releases smoothly without jerking the logs. The modular clutch system detaches with four bolts and one nut. The large drum allows for trouble-free spooling. A high-mounted, pivoting cable pulley ensures that the cable wraps evenly on the drum. The winches have a large cable capacity for a longer reach in the woods. The clutch control rope runs through a swivel on top of the winch for safe operation from any angle., 888-589-7209

Payeur Distributions

Métavic log loaders and trailers come in 20 different models with reaches ranging from 9.5 to 21 feet. They are built with tempered steel to make them light, yet strong. The control valve, hose cylinders and hydraulic fittings are all standard. An excavating arm can be added to convert a log loader into excavating equipment. Other options include a sand bucket, hydraulic skidder, articulated trailer, engine-powered trailer, hydraulic pole, electric or hydraulic brakes, mudguards and lights, highway tires, platform, three-point hitches, auger, hydraulic system and dump box., 888-821-2015

Star Hill Solutions

The patented line of Star Hill Jawz grabbing tools is designed to remove invasive and unwanted trees and plants - roots and all. The front-end loader attachment makes many tedious and time-consuming chores safer, faster and less costly. It fits most skid steers, farm tractors, wheel loaders and excavators. It can also be used to remove fence posts and stakes, as well as place large rocks and boulders., 877-798-5299


Hydraulically operated grapples for skid steers and compact tractors open from 3 inches to 38 inches. They have a capacity of 1,500 pounds. The LX 5100 spring-loaded swivel grapple for compact tractors reduces damage to your trails and logs by lifting the front end off the ground. The LX 5200 and LX 5300 for skid steers have a serrated cantilever cradle that steadies the logs in-line for straight-on loading or transport. The LX 5200 rotates 180 degrees, and the LX 5300 rotates 360 degrees., 800-252-1552